Steiff Limited Edition Evander Panda Black and White. Reference 007095


The first giant pandas arrived in America in 1937. Richard Steiff, then living in America, immediately began design work. Our Steiff archivist confirms that on 12.01.1938 the very first sample was recorded, making Steiff the first toy manufacturer to offer a panda. They have remained on the range ever since illustrating their popularity. Now Steiff heritage meets Steiff’s future. Please applaud Panda bear as he joins the “Teddies for tomorrow” Collection. Evander enjoys his alternative materials of woven plush made of soy bamboo viscose. His paw pads are also of soy bamboo viscose, and he is filled with PES fibres from recycled PET bottles. Evander is a glorious addition to this new series.

Limited Edition Steiff Bear in presentation box and gold plated button in ear.

Made of viscose bamboo and 5-way jointed.

A marvelous Eco Friendly luxury gift.

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